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At Compound Property we help clients source high growth and high cashflow properties that can be purchased through your Self Managed Super Fund. 

What Is It?

A self-managed super fund (SMSF) is a private super fund that you manage yourself. SMSFs are different to industry and retail super funds.

When you manage your own super, you put the money you would normally put in a retail or industry super fund into your own SMSF. You choose the investments and the insurance.

Your SMSF can have no more than six members. As a member, you are a trustee of the fund — or you can get a corporate trustee. In either case, you are responsible for the fund.

What Are The Benefits?

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One of the biggest benefits of investing in property is the opportunity to leverage. Investing in property through SMSF allows you to borrow up to 80% of the purchase price which means you can have larger a value asset growing rather than if it was in a managed fund which over time can increase your returns.  


Tax Benefits

Buying property in a SMSF has some major tax benefits. The first is the fund is required to pay only 15% tax on rental income from the property as opposed to your personal tax rate outside of SMSF. The second is when selling your property if held for longer than 12 months, the fund receives a one third discount on any capital gain it makes upon sale, bringing any capital gains tax liability down to 10%. (As always, confirm with your accountant)

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Invest In Property

Property is a tangible asset that has a proven track record over the last 100 years. Investing through a SMSF allows you to take control and decide exactly what investments you want to make. With the use of leverage and historic returns then Australian property is a great way to grow your wealth. 

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When in retirement it is important to have cash flow also called passive income. This is especially important when you stop working and want to enjoy your retirement years. Property is a great way to provide this through rental income.  As part of our service we will look at what that passive income target is and how best to achieve that through strategic property investment. 


Here are some of our most common questions regarding SMSF. 

If you have a question that is not listed here or would like to speak to our team about your personal circumstances then you can contact the Compound Property team through our email:


  • What areas are you buying in?
    We use our data driven system to determine the top 1% of suburbs at any given time. We are licensed to operate Australia wide and are buying multiple states at any time. We then assess your specific brief based on your goals and determine the most appropriate area.
  • What about maintenance?
    We only buy existing properties for many reasons, but we do need to be mindful of maintenance. On purchase we conduct a physical inspection and condition report as well as organise a building and pest inspection which can help avoid any major issues. We then factor in an amount per year into your cashflows to allow for anything that comes up.
  • Do you buy brand new or off-the plan properties?
    No, we only buy existing properties. There are many reasons we don’t buy brand new properties. Some of those include the likelihood of overpaying, the land to asset ratio and the delivery risk. Your strategist will be able to talk through this in more detail.
  • What about the tax benefits though?
    The tax breaks, for example negative gearing and depreciation, apply in some form to all properties. We don’t see these as a strategy but more of a benefit to property investing. Wealth from property investing is created through compounding capital growth and increasing rental returns over time. That is what our strategy focuses on purchasing our clients.
  • What are the costs to purchase a property and what are the on-going costs?
    We have a Compound Calculator that will be able to assess all up-front and on-going costs of purchasing a property. Your strategist will run through this specific to your situation.
  • Do you do property management, or do I need to work that out?
    No you don’t need to worry about that. We buy properties Australia wide, so we rely on the local professionals for property management. As part of our process, we will identify the top performing property managers in that area and then work alongside them for the duration you own the property.
  • Do you buy apartments, townhouses or houses?
    At Compound we focus on buying freestanding houses. The old adage is true that overtime land appreciates, and building depreciate so we want to secure our clients as much land over time as possible. Although you can have success investing in apartments and townhouses the data has shown the houses outperform over the long term.
  • Will you help me sell the property or is that for me to do?
    Yes, we will. We don’t sell properties, but we do help you plan your sale of your property including finding the right agent, determining the valuation as well as the method of sale. We will also assess your portfolio and if there is a property in a certain area that makes sense to sell based on the data we will advise on that.
  • What due diligence do you provide on the property?
    We provide a very comprehensive due diligence pack on all properties including flood zone, fire zone, insurance quotes, zoning, rental appraisals, suburb reports, comparative market analysis and anything else specific to that property an area. This helps you make a very informed decision.
  • Do I need to inspect the property myself?
    No you don’t. One of the biggest mistakes investors make is buying through emotion. Our team will provide everything you need to be able to become a borderless investor without any need to visit the property.
  • How long does the process take?
    Our job is to find you the right property for the right price that meets your brief which can take between 6-12 weeks from engagement to exchange.
  • Do you have mortgage brokers, accountants and conveyancers?
    Yes, we have a panel of recommended professional partners. To be a successful property investor you need a great team so during your discovery call the team will assess which partners are needed and make the introduction.
  • Do I need to meet you in your office?
    No, we understand our clients are busy so we work within your time availability and meet online.
  • Does your team work outside business hours?
    Yes, of course. We work 6 days a week and outside of business hours. We are there to fit within your schedule.
  • Do you help with depreciation and financial management of the property?
    Yes, we help organise your depreciation schedule through a partner quantity surveyor. We also have the Compound Costs Calculator which is a tool we have built to help you manage your property expense management.
  • How much money do I need saved?
    We recommend a minimum of $65,000 on hand either through savings or equity. This will cover all upfront costs including the deposit, purchasing costs and the Compound fee. If you don’t have this though we can talk through your requirements and help you plan to get there.
  • If I have equity, can I use that?
    Yes, of course. Using your equity is a great strategy. There is a term ‘lazy equity’ for equity you have in your property that isn’t working for you. Our finance partners can help assess what is useable equity and we can work out a strategy to utilise that.
  • Do I need a pre-approval to get started?
    No you don’t. We prefer that you don’t have one in place so that we work through a strategy and then assist to get that organised with the correct structure for purchase. If you do, then don’t worry we will assess to make sure it is correct and if not, we will work with your broker or bank to correct it.
  • I am buying in a SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund), are your properties suitable?
    Yes, there are many property requirements for an SMSF purchase, and our investment style works well in identifying high growth and high cashflow properties at affordable price points to make sure you are meeting your conditions within the SMSF. To determine if that is the right strategy for you then please check with your accountant as we cannot give financial advice.
  • How will I not get stuck with borrowing if I only have so much capacity?
    Every investor has one of the three constraints: capital, capacity and cashflow so we are very mindful of these from the beginning. We target high growth and high yield properties which can help you continue to purchase but our finance partners and accountants can help with structures also that can allow to maximise your capacity.
  • Is it possible to build a portfolio if I only have enough for one saved deposit?
    Yes, of course. It comes down to your timeline. If you want to move fast, then a mixture of savings and equity can help that otherwise you can use just the equity growth from your properties. We organise bank valuations every 6 months to assess what useable equity you have to see when you are ready to go again. That of course is the benefit of compound growth.

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